30 Poets in 30 Days


Welcome to Larksong's celebration of National Poetry Month - 30 Poets in 30 Days!  This annual event brings together poets from all over the country with poets local to Nebraska. This year we asked Larksong members first to fill half the reading slots, and the other half we filled during a visit to the Associated Writing Program's Conference and Book Fair in Seattle. Most of those were new acquaintances and this event was their introduction to Larksong. The mix of new and familiar allowed us to reach in this one program one of the primary objectives of all the programs we offer: to bring new voices to Nebraska audiences and help send Nebraska voices out into the world. Nebraska has a rich and active literary life and this 30 Poets program is designed to celebrate it.

We recorded 30 poets for this event - 31 actually, there's a bonus double reading on April 6! We reached them via Zoom, visited them in their homes, found them at work, at the airport, and at the Associated Writing Program Conference in Seattle. The poems range from heartbreaking to laugh-out-loud funny, and like such emotions in life they are all mixed up in this list, so you never know what you'll find when you click on a link and start watching. Be ready for anything!

The link to each daily reading will become "live" at 3 am CST on the date they're listed. To watch, click on the 30 Poets 30 Day thumbnail image. The video will play in your browser. Once live the link will stay live so you can watch as many times as you like. You can also find them on YouTube on Larksong's channel under 30 Poets in 30 Days. There's even a playlist! 

A big thank you to all the poets involved!




April 19 - Gary Dop

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
April 19 - Gary Dop

If Gary Dop hadn't been at the AWP Conference it's possible we would have had to fly to Virginia to get him to be a part of our 30 Poets project. That's how much I admire him and his work. For the sake of our little nonprofit's budget we were lucky that he was there in Seattle. Gary is one of the kindest, smartest, funniest, talented-est people I know. (If you run into him ask him to show you his 3D cube poem. It's brilliant!) Writer and professor Gary Dop, together with the best faculty in the country, founded the Randolph College MFA program, the low-residency MFA which Poets & Writers hailed as a "a new kind of MFA program that makes diversity its mission." Dop is the author of the poetry collection Father, Child, Water (Red Hen Press), and his most recent play is Deemocracy: An American Absurdity in One Act (Rain Taxi). Prior to his gig in Virginia at Randolph College, Dop taught screenwriting at the University of Minnesota, and he was the Writer in Residence at North Central University. Dop's poems, stories, and essays have appeared in venues including Georgia Review, Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, New Letters, Sugar House Review, and North American Review. Dop earned his MFA through the University of Nebraska, and his experience as an actor, performer, and comic have helped him engage audiences throughout the country. Gary is the recipient of the Great Plains Emerging Writer Prize, a Pushcart Prize Special Mention, and the Gillie A. Larew Distinguished Teaching Award. 


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