All of us at Larksong strive to do our best in each of the workshops and events we offer. We think we’re doing work that matters. But don’t just take our word for it, take it from the writers who have joined us for various events in our first year as an official writing community.

“I taught writing skills in middle school and high school. But now is my time! I want to learn to write at high interest level and a manner that draws in a reader. This workshop got my juices flowing, and I am ready to learn more! “ — Glenda C.

“Lovely, enjoyable, and encouraging platform for writers! “ — Eowyn V.

"An absolutely wonderful experience."  — Jo B.

“I'm not a Zoom enthusiast, but Larksong is a definite exception. Quite enriching.”  — Bill T.

"Larksong nurtures writers...enough said!" — Todd R.

“The writers' community at Larksong came together for a party that gathered words of inspiration, intriguing prompts, and energy to kindle the creativity in this dark season. I left feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, and ready to bring this into my writing. “ — Cope C.

“Larksong offers classes and workshops that bring a virtual community of writers together when we can't meet in person. These offerings are instructive, supportive, and help writers connect on multiple issues, like good long-running writing groups.” — Lin B.

“Larksong is taking on the beautiful task of bringing writing together to both learn and execute. I am blessed to have been part of both a class and a workshop/conference. I plan to be part of more opportunities they present! Lovely people all the way around!” — Gina B.

“This Speedwriting and Reading Party was exactly what I needed right now. To connect me with others and get me energized about writing again. Thank you!” — Lucy A.

“Another excellent offering from Larksong! An enriching, joyful experience for writers of all genres and experience. “ — Kathy J.

“As a full time English teacher in a pandemic, there hasn't been much energy or time to focus on just me and writing. Saturday with Larksong provided something creative to look forward to. I locked myself in my writing room while others cheered the Huskers in the basement, and enjoyed the time and space to create and find my soul for art again. I appreciated everyone for the fine writing and inspiration to write. Thank you.” — Debra M.

“Every experience with Larksong is uplifting because Karen is so respectful of all writers at all stages of our development.” — Marcia F.

“Larksong offered an author's workshop for writers with works in progress to get feedback from authors with experience. It was friendly, supportive, inspiring, and most important of all, respectful and honest. Needed adjustments I had become dulled to were pointed out, the things that were done well were noticed and spotlighted. I came out with a renewed enthusiasm to spend more time each day writing. If you have the opportunity to participate in a Larksong workshop, DO IT. I know I will.” — Dorothy R.


Larksong is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are committed to supporting both the writers who come to us for instruction and the writers who come to us to teach. We keep our class fees low, offer free programming, and pay our instructors. Please consider supporting our mission by making a tax-deductible donation.