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Writing the Loess Hills: Letting Landscape Guide the Pen
Writing the Loess Hills: Letting Landscape Guide the Pen

Instructor: Kelly Madigan
Author of The Edge of Known Things
Genre: Creative Writing
Level: Intro to advanced
Dates: Tuesdays, March 19, March 26, April 2, April 9, April 16, 2024
Time: 6 to 8 pm CENTRAL TIME
Limit: 8 participants


"Working with Kelly revived me as a writer. She holds space with honesty and compassion, and she guides writing and discussion with thought-provoking insight. As someone seasoned in writing workshops, I can say with certainty Kelly's are among the best being offered!"                                                                                                           ~ Previous participant



The Loess Hills comprise a unique landform running primarily along the western edge of Iowa but also reaching into South Dakota, Missouri, and Nebraska. The wind-deposited steep slopes of loess are globally unique, with only one other matching site in the world. Its unique topography provides protection for hidden pockets of wildness, including some of the last remaining remnant prairie in the state. An important corridor for migration, and a repository of endangered and threatened species, its ecological significance cannot be overstated. Like most places, it also has a human story, a history of habitation, cities and towns, railroads that came and went, and visionaries of all kinds. From the Black Angel statue in a cemetery in Council Bluffs, to the ancient remains uncovered near Turin, to the story of a ranging mountain lion sporting a radio collar from Nebraska, or the history of agriculture in the valleys between the ridge lines, the older story of bison and elk, or the even older story of the Ice Age, the hills are alive with stories.

Using a variety of examples, prompts and exercises, we will explore the hills creatively, crafting poems, stories and short memoir that reflect the unusual terrain and the experiences held there. We will use the hills as a metaphor to pursue our own internal stories, as well. Whether you already have a connection to the Loess Hills, or your interest is sparked and you’d like to learn more, you will leave this workshop with a renewed appreciation for their fragility and majesty, and multiple new drafts of creative work.

Participants will be invited (but not required) to share a sample of their completed work at a Loess Hills Writers event.

Reduced fee option available if needed. Contact Larksong Writers Place here. 


Larksong Writers on Kelly Madigan's previous workshops: 

"Kelly Madigan brings a genuine sense of joy to her writers workshops.  She is a distinguished poet and author, and her experience and her ear for language are important, to be sure.  But her greatest asset is in “team building.” The members of the workshop were genuinely excited over one another’s progress. No “writer’s block” when Kelly makes it all so damn much fun!"

"Kelly’s workshop series encouraged me to creatively ponder my relationship with the Loess Hills in completely new ways and also with profound, new depth and understanding, even as someone who was born and raised in the area. Her lesson connecting the ecological concepts of cores, transitions, and corridors with human psychology and personal identity was excitingly innovative and, in my opinion, pedagogically genius—it particularly resonated with me, as a conservationist, as a creative writer, and as someone healing from cumulative trauma. Kelly hosted such a thoughtful, engaging virtual space for all us writers to thrive in and find deeper connection, not only with the Hills, but also with ourselves and each other through our shared love of the Hills. I would definitely participate in this workshop again and recommend it widely."


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