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Reading & Writing Holiday Party
Reading & Writing Holiday Party


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Larksong's Second Annual Reading & Writing Holiday Party

Date: Saturday, December 11, 2021

Time: 10:00 am - Noon CST

Format: Virtual (Zoom)


Let’s kick off the Holiday Season with some fast-paced writing and short but powerful reading sessions!

Our readers and workshop leaders this year include well-known poets, publishers, and prose writers, including Saddiq Dzukogi, Chris Fischback, Twyla Hansen, Amy Hassinger, Jessica Hendry-Nelson, Matt Mason, Ladette Randolph, Marjorie Saiser, and Teri Youmans.

The format is simple. We alternate five-minute readings with 15-minute mini writing workshops that start with a craft talk and end with a writing prompt. Five readings, four workshops, so you’ll not only leave the event inspired but you’ll have some new writing too!

After the presentations there’s time for a Q&A with writers and other participants.

It’s all about building community!

Fill up your fountain pens, sharpen your pencils or charge those computers! This event is flat out fast-paced fun!

10 am CST - Introductions by Karen Gettert Shoemaker
10:05 am CST - Reading by Amy Hassinger
10:10 am CST - Mini writing workshop with Matt Mason 
10:25 am CST - Reading by Twyla Hansen 
10:30 am CST - Mini writing workshop with Jessica Hendry-Nelson 
10:45 am CST - Reading by Saddia Dzukogi 
10:50 am CST - Mini writing workshop with Chris Fischbach 
11:05 am CST - Reading by Ladette Randolph 
11:10 am CST - Mini writing workshop with Teri Youmans 
11: 25 am CST - Reading by Marjorie Saiser 
11:30 am CST - Q&A with Authors 

Reviews from last year’s event:

“I loved everything about the workshop... A wonderful experience. Thank you.”

“The structure and format were seamless. Timing was on point!”

“I loved how organized it was, how you orchestrated the schedule to have readings juxtaposed with exercises!”

“I like seeing all the faces who loved writing; and I liked hearing from the authors.”

“Liked both the prompts and the poetry readings.”

“I loved the braiding of readings and short writing prompts.”

“I enjoyed all of it. The exercise focused on character development is something I need in my current writing, so thanks.”

“Loved the warmth and generosity and wisdom of the readers / prompters.”

“I loved hearing the readings, and the writing prompts! The whole thing was wonderful!”

“The quality of readings and workshops was fabulous and loved interspersing readings with workshops.”

“Prompts were unusual and thought-provoking. Poets varied and excellent. Schedule worked perfectly. Looking forward to next year!”


Larksong is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are committed to supporting both the writers who come to us for instruction and the writers who come to us to teach. We keep our class fees low, offer free programming, and pay our instructors. Please consider supporting our mission by making a tax-deductible donation.