Write in Greece 2022!

Join Executive Travel's Escorted Tour 
to the Island of Syros
for a writing retreat hosted by author
Karen Shoemaker

Larksong Writers Place

The pandemic won’t last forever, but sadly it is lasting longer than any of us had hoped. Covid cases are on the rise again and Greece has been declared a “Zone 4” country, which means conditions are “highly dangerous” for travel. That just gives us more time to plan though, right? So let’s start planning for the future now! We will make this happen!

Join us September 3 - 1, 2022

Creating Word Photos: A Travel Writing Workshop

Shhhh – listen closely and you can hear it – the Muse is calling “Come With Me!”

We all need to nourish our writer’s passion, and what better place than the birthplace of literature! Drama, poetry, comedy, tragedy, all have roots in Greece. Is it the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea? Since the days of Plato and Socrates, Greece has inspired writers to their best work. Now this can be YOU! The island of Syros in the Cyclades is the best kept secret in the Aegean Sea – low key, easy going, yet infused with the exotic charm of the country that was home to ancient dramatists and poets. Each morning, you will start with an inspiring workshop. Whether writing fiction, memoir, travel essays, or letters home, these workshops will offer inspiration and guidance to generate writing so vivid your notebooks might replace your cameras. Each day we will focus on a specific technique that offers innovative ways to capture experience and produce evocative, memorable writing. At the end of each morning workshop we will offer a writing invitation that will lead you into your day to explore the area with new ways of seeing and experiencing the beautiful land of Greece. You will come home with more than just memories, you will have pages filled with your words, “photos” you have written during this once in a lifetime experience.By mid-morning, you will be free to sit on the open veranda and indulge your renewed passion for your craft, or to stroll the city responding to the morning workshop’s invitation. Stroll the local shops, watch the boats come and go at a port-side restaurant, go island-hopping to the famous places you see in movies. Early fall is the perfect time, the weather is comfortable. You can rent a scooter if you wish, but you likely won’t need to, there are literally hundreds of restaurants and shops and nooks and crannies to explore on foot, starting right outside your hotel. The locals will welcome you like family.

Ela (come), join us!




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