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Dorothy E. Ramsay

Dorothy E. Ramsay

Dorothy E. Ramsay graduated with a double major bachelor’s degree in Creative and Technical writing, with a minor in journalism in 1980.  Upon graduation, she did not have the Great American Novel awaiting publication, and the newspaper wasn’t hiring.  She wound up with a 30 year career in the corporate world developing lots of spreadsheets and presentations, retiring in 2015.  Since then, she has been reviving her writing muse from a long sleep, and her first book, Milly for Mayor, was published in October 2020.  Her background with spreadsheets enabled her to serve many non-profits as treasurer on their boards, and she was honored when asked to serve as treasurer for Larksong Writers Place.  “Our dreams are sisters, so I think it’s a great match,” she says, “and I’m looking forward to being associated with Larksong for a long time.”


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